About Us


Maurice Chbat

Raised in a little village in Lebanon, Maurice has always had a passion and flair for hosting and entertaining large crowds. Being one of twelve siblings, dinner at home was more of an "experience" than just a simple meal. 

Upon arriving in Canada, Maurice opened a corporate catering company in conjunction with The Royal Bank of Canada which enabled him to showcase his talent to an upscale clientele.  In 2003 Maurice was asked to become the General Manager of 40 Westt Steakhouse and Raw Bar, a position he held for 11 years. It is during these years that he cultivated the desire and passion to want to showcase his unique outlook and dream - a place where people can come to enjoy fine dining surrounded by an exceptional ambiance. Thus the birth of Ossiano.


Fernando Rodas is Ossiano's chef. Born in El Salvador, Chef Fernando discovered his passion for cooking at the young age of eight years old. Studying business administration for four years, his passion for cooking was stronger than ever. After making the move to Canada in 2008, Fernando started working within the restaurant business. Today, he brings his passion for Mediterranean food to Ossiano.

Fernando Rodas